How to get off the holiday hook


French twist


J.K. Rowling

Oh, man.  She fought her way back from deep depression to become the world’s only billionaire author.  And, she totally deserves it: Jo’s Harry Potter characters are absolutely alive, and her storytelling skills are beyond talent.  As a single mom, she inspired millions with her words while building a self-created empire.  We love how generous she is with her cash (like, really majorly generous), and we respect her for being honest about how having money affects her. She’s a freaking genius who wasn’t afraid to show it.  Such big props to J.K.  We are huge fans. Photo credit:

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Shave your legs (more)
So much better!

GO to the movies
Goodbye, sofa; hello, drama!

Drink water
Healthy + a great excuse to get up regularly from your desk

Make your bed daily
It will calm your life, for reals

Keep in touch
Writing letters is classic and fun

Get your antioxidants…
…from red wine and dark chocolate

Grow spiritually
Dedicate even just five minutes a day to focus on faith

Contact makes people feel (including you) happy

Leave the country if you haven’t (or haven’t in awhile)

Tidy up your vocabulary
Chose one unsavory word and banish it forever