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Bellagio Las Vegas

Nothing says, “I’m a Las Vegas high roller, baby!” like a stay at Bellagio.  Since its immortalization in Ocean’s Eleven, people just can’t seem to get enough of this full-scale synonym for the good life, and now the hotel itself has become one of Vegas’ most popular attractions.

At any time of day or night, Bellagio is busy with tourists who are not staying there, but the five-star resort’s staff and amenities make it private and exclusive enough for those who are to call it an indulgent, self-contained vacation paradise.

Unlike other hotels on the strip, Bellagio offers enough style and substance to make you want to stay there all day and all night.   The casino floor is what you picture in your mind when you picture Las Vegas – action, energy, and the occasional risk being taken, punctuated by loud cheers and laughter.

Restaurants, bars, and clubs are superb.  From cuisine to ambiance to service, they’ll have you convinced your fantasy life is a reality.  Check out Fix for a buttery fillet or some teeny-but-tasty lobster tacos and Caramel for a lower-key club atmosphere.

Guest rooms are the perfect refuge from the excitement; they offer an oasis of quiet luxury where you can sleep in, dress up, and chill out in between bouts of living the life.  The living area is large and plush with beige furnishings.   The bathroom is equally comfortable at about 140 square feet and offers scads of shampoos and soaps; their abundance adds to the five-star feel, but they aren’t quality products – the one shortcoming of the room.  Nonetheless, an oversized bathtub and a giant, glass shower make getting ready for the fun almost as memorable as the fun itself.  And, rooms come with one quirky feature you’ll wonder how you ever lived without: electronic drapes that can be controlled from your bedside.


Spend some time in the casino, even if you normally don’t.  The resort’s relatively clean air makes the gaming floor more welcoming, and dealers are patient with first timers.

Plan for a day at the pool.  There you’ll find all the options you can think of: water temps from cold to cool to warm to hot, pools in every shape and size, and down right gorgeous landscaping.  If you won big the night before, spring for a cabana.  They’re stocked with treats and robes and offer personal butler service.

Have yourself a leisurely meal at Le Cirque, Las Vegas’ only five-diamond restaurant.  Three words: liquid chocolate ambrosia.

Okay to skip:

Buying.  Bellagio’s boutiques are world class, so until they introduce pricing aimed at the rest of us, your shopping might be more of the window variety.


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  1. I love Bellagio!

  2. Always wanted to go but have never stayed. Visited the casino, the bar and took in the water show. One of these days I’ll get a room.

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