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The Ring of Truth

Some art – the good stuff – is dangerous.  Just ask any dictatorship why they burn books, ban music, and censor films.  It’s because creative power has the ability to move and change people.  You know when it happens.  It’s like a gentle bolt of lightning.  A whisper echoes in the inmost part of your heart, brushes at the walls of your being, grows and then almost yells at you, “Hey!  There’s something here for you to have, something that points at Bigger.” 

You simply feel it, not tangibly, but yes, tangibly.  A song that makes you cry, fly, laugh, and know without doubt.  A film that stirs an affirmative in your consciousness.  A piece of writing that stops your whole world.  A photograph that moves you off of your track and onto a different one.  Like puzzle pieces, these individual works hold something in them, a bit of Yes.  A portion of understanding.  Wings.  A glimpse into eternity.  That something is the Ring of Truth.  It is a giving of notice that you’re looking at part of a bigger picture.

When the Ring of Truth resounds, you feel something in your soul leap – something, perhaps, that was planted there; it recognizes a mate, a buried truth that is illuminated by the act of creation, pushed into being by the pains of an artist’s passion.  That artist doesn’t have to be famous, or deep, or even all that talented, just to have heard the Ring of Truth enough times to try to recreate it again.  The subject matter of the art doesn’t have to be consequential, just life-changing enough to wake one person from their own soul sleep with rich sounds that reverberate and rouse.

This is the value of creativity: to swing your mallet at the bell.

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  1. i love those moments!

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