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A Hip Trip Is In the Bag

Anticipation is everything, so start your vacation early by choosing a travel bag that corresponds to your destination.  Whether you’re jamming a glittery tote with Vegas essentials or throwing something sassy into your train case for an overnight, half the fun of getting away is getting packed.  Check out our picks for a trip to the cabin, a last-minute wing to the coast, or a Disney destination!

Girls’ Vegas Weekend

Over-the-top flash is a must when visiting the famous desert oasis, and nobody does crazy glam better than Betsey Johnson.  Metallic and sequins and animal print and chains and rock star purple all together in a heavenly explosion of concepts?  Yes, please!  And this bag is big enough to house several changes of hot-weather, nighttime getups plus stash your winnings.  Jackpot!  $47

Cabin Getaway

Ralph Lauren’s little-bit-snobby Country Tote Bag is built to withstand the rigors of the drive between your city home and your lake cabin.  Its canvas body is reminiscent of old-timey camping trips, and if the leather and brass details don’t say “rough and tumble,” we don’t know what does.  Pair with an oatmeal, hand knit sweater and some wool clogs, and you’re set for a weekend of fresh air and rustic charm.  $295

Disney Minibreak

The Mouse House gets fashionable with this splashy argyle remix.  It’s big enough to pack comfy shoes and your Mickey ears, and it has printed lining, too.  The high-gloss exterior will stand up to Florida rains in the east or California sun in the west.  Better make it a cross-country trip!  $120

Hotel Rendezvous

Just big enough to fit a toothbrush, a pair of heels, and something lacy.  Vintage train cases are hard to find these days; the creative types at seem to have gobbled them all up and “upcycled” them for your purchasing pleasure.  We like the ones by anotherjamiedavis and getreadysetGO (pictured) the best.  $70

Jet Set Takeoff

The kind of bag you leave packed and ready to go, Pan Am Brands’ retro-styled Explorer was modeled after flight attendant and traveller gift bags of the mid century.  With its swank leatherette and graphic design, it packs a style punch.  $76

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