feel like fall

Visit Williams Sonoma
Scam food samples and enjoy the heavenly, autumn aromas

Candy Corn!
Mix with peanuts or just gobble up plain (stop before your tummy hurts)

Light Candles
A cozy glow at the end of the day helps you settle in at home

Take a Brisk Walk
Cold cheeks are our fall favorite

Rah Rah Rah
Hit up a high school football game

Apple Cider
Not just any kind – the kind that comes in a glass jug and tastes great with cheese and crackers

Swap your everyday purse for a darker one

Gilmore Girls
Or equivalent – pick a favorite series that reminds you of fall and begin at the beginning

Get Pumpkin Everything
Lattes, cheesecake, ravioli

Weekend Fun
Bonfires, apple orchards, corn mazes: go!

Photo: everystockphoto.com

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  1. just reading this list is making me feel so happy that it’s the Autumn Season

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