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Halloween Party Series!

We know, we know.  You’ve still got your a/c on full blast.  But proper party planning takes time!  Lots of it!  And if you’re tired of modern Halloween’s skanky girl costumes (like we are) and over-the-top gore (like we are), the solution lies in planning ahead: take the party reigns into your own, capable hands, and steer the Halloween horse where you want it to go.  We’ll start with some foundational thoughts and follow in the coming weeks with ideas to make your party a stand-out treat this year.

Why We Throw Halloween Parties

We don’t mind saying that Halloween has historically been somewhat of a conflict for us.  There were years we were convinced nothing good could come out of a holiday that involved plastic reproductions of severed limbs.  We opted out of celebrating or even acknowledging the day.  But, we soon realized that, like lots of things, Halloween isn’t a total loss.  It gives people a chance to confront (and disempower) fears.  It brings communities together for safe, outdoor celebrations.  It affords opportunity for costume-wearing, which in turn stimulates creativity and builds confidence.  It breeds generosity and lots and LOTS of candy (a very good thing).  Sure, some folks – probably the same ones who have a talent for finding the sad in things – twist it into something needlessly dark.  That’s why, now, we jump all the more at the chance to throw our own Halloween parties.   And that’s why Ruffle’s brand of dark and spooky will always feature sophistication over splatter.  No apologies (other than this one)!

Things to Keep In Mind

Layer these thoughts over the specific ideas for Halloween theme parties that will appear on Ruffle in the coming weeks.

On Decorations

Any party is going to be better decorated with 3-D objects than with paper wall hangings, so always favor your own belongings over party store basics when setting a Halloween party scene.  You can supplement with decorations and set pieces from department and craft stores, but using your own stuff (or repurposing things from a thrift store) will lend realism to your party and will make you a recycler!

Atmospheric Investments

Halloween is the perfect time to invest in an affordable fog machine.  Seriously.  After Halloween is over, a little on-the-spot steam can work wonders for nautical themes (pirate, cruise, sailing, underwater) etherial themes (heaven, dreams, flight, fairytale), cityscapes, and more.  While you’re at it, a realistic (but not gruesome) skull is another winner to have in your party arsenal.  You’ll pull it back out for pirate, Shakespeare, fairytale, shipwreck, medicine, and crime scene parties in the future.

Dimming the Lights

Whatever theme you choose (unless you’re hosting a bash for little ones), it’s lights-out for a pumpkin party.  Add a festive glow with candles or with colored light bulbs, but don’t use any normal, overhead lights if you want to keep it feeling like a party.

Note that taking good photos in a dark room is very tough, but leaving your flash OFF and using a tripod or steady surface (to cut down on blur) will do you good.

Costume Shop Talk

Real talk?  Sexy versions of traditional costumes project an air of desperation and make everyone around you uncomfortable, even if they pretend not to be.  It’s the truth!  We’re your friends, so we’re willing to tell you what nobody else is: find a costume that doesn’t involve thigh highs and a lace-up bodice, and your dignity will thank you.

Next up in the Halloween Party Series: a masked ball in a DIY gothic mansion!

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