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Handmade Hellos

Growing up, reader Mary always liked art projects.  She majored in art but gave up painting when a few family members criticized her work (she regrets giving them so much power over her choices).  Now, she’s found something she likes that she uses to make other people feel encouraged: handmade cards.  ”You can create works of art that are itty bitty and put them in little envelopes and give them away.  I like that idea,” she says,  ”and people actually like them.”

We love how each card has hand-colored images shaded with markers, as well as details like glitter (yes!), ribbons, and specialty paper.  Yay for mixed media projects!

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  1. Oh I love these cards! What a great idea. Its a nice creative outlet that doesn’t require tons of time – no unfinished projects! Thank you, Ruffle!

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