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Heaven On Wheels

Call us a bunch of sentimental fools, but there’s just something sweet about RV travel.  Really! Whether it’s loading up all the kids for a national park trip or just you and your co-pilot bouncing down the open road, motor homes mean together time, and together time on wheels means old-time memory-making.  Except today you can do it in style – even if you’re not in the market to buy. Break out the decks of cards and AAA maps, we’re taking a look at RV travel in 2010.

Wheels with Benefits


Owners of recreational vehicles take pride in their rigs and want to show them off to others who “get” the lifestyle. Today camper lovers enjoy online forums, meetup groups, and blogs dedicated to the mobile life, but a sense of community and sharing has always surrounded those with vacation wheels.  Some drivers park and stay in one spot for the whole summer, hosting parties and receiving guests and new friends, just like they would at home.  Even casual vacationers or wannabe RV owners can attend special shows and events practically monthly.  So exciting!

Road Culture

Diners, unique roadside attractions, CB lingo, eccentric locals – who doesn’t love a road trip?  We’ll tell you who: people who get uncomfortable without space to spread out in.  Enter your house on wheels: problem solved!  A mobile home lets you and your buds experience all the crazy fun of rolling down the highways of America without going crazy yourselves.

Comfy, Cozy

There’s something happy about being all nice and sealed up sometimes.  Shutting the door on your RV at night is like pulling the proverbial covers all the way up to your ears and letting the cuddly feelings just envelop you, body and soul.


If you’re like us and camping to you means one, miserable night on an air mattress, a rolling home can be your best friend.  Sure a few folks whose business it isn’t may pass judgement on your new idea of camping, but for the most part you’ll have found a way to meet halfway with the outdoor lovers in your life – a way that doesn’t involve defecating in a hole or waking up with a mosquito singing his heart out in your ear.


The classic road home, a rolling Winnie is almost synonymous with recreational vehicles.  Today’s models come stocked and ready to go with everything from linens to flat-screen TVs, but buyers have more choice than ever when it comes to interiors. Picking out your own carpet, counter, and banquette designs is cool!

Space is also a major feature of most Winnies.  With room to stretch out, they are excellent for family getaways and make great rentals if you’re low on space to park/store them.  Speaking of land, check out this kitchen!  You’d never know it’s bouncing down the freeway.

The VW Bus

Not just a hazy haven for surfers and slackers, a VW bus can be modeled to be a mini, mobile paradise for weekend roadies, too. The VW’s small size means getting up to 20 miles per gallon in gas, and it can be driven, stored, and parked with ease, all clear advantages over its bigger brethren.  Most buses will need some major work in order to attain their former glory, but the end result is definitely retro-spiffy.

Airstream Trailers

Some of the most iconic mobile homes out there are towable Airstream trailers.  Since the ’30s, these durable and stylish wunderkind of the RV world have been making onlookers jealous and keeping owners very, very happy.  Of all the trailers built in the last 80 years, about 70% are still on the road!  And they’re making a major comeback.  The gleaming aluminum exteriors and super hip interior finishes are appealing to a whole new generation of buyers and renters.

The Airstream Experience

If you want the experience of camping out but not the responsibility of owning or renting a trailer, do what all the hip kids are doing nowadays: pull up to an Airstream camp and bunk down in a silver bullet that’s permanently parked.  If a campy campground experience is what you’re dreaming of, Airstream has partnered with two KOA sites in the east and two in the west for you: Sugarloaf Key, FL and Bar Harbor, ME; Wattsonville, CA and Circus Circus Las Vegas, NV.  Now getting a slice of the good life is easier than pie.

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  1. linda hilden says:
    September 22, 2010 at 7:36 am

    From as long as I can remember our family of five traveled around in a conversion van or trailer. Those were great family times that all of us look fondly back on. We never stayed in hotels. My dad’s dream was always to own an Airstream. He now has two. Road days are gone now for them. Having an Airstream parked on a northern Minnesota lakeshore and another on a lot in Florida to winter in . The family of four generations still thinks Grandpa Glen and Grandma Barb’s trailer is the best breakfast stop ever.

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