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Low-brow Luxe Casino Trips

Who says the economy is rebounding?  Until the warm financial fuzzies trickle down to us, we’re still looking for ways to get away on the cheap, because  - call it a blessing, or call it a curse – we just love hotels and don’t care what or where they are sometimes; we want to go.  So, we’ve decided shabby chic is not just for decorating anymore, friends, and we’re packing up for our local casino/hotel. Find out why!

Most metro areas and beyond play host to a few casinos, ranging from smoky bingo palaces to halfway decent Vegas wannabes.  Assume for the duration of this article that we’re discussing the latter, and open your mind to the benefits you and your wallet may reap from the strivings of these less-pretty little sisters of the casino world.  First up, palatable lodgings.

Resort Hotels

Your upscale neighborhood casino offers a lot more than a monthly sports car giveaway.  Frequently with four-diamond accommodations, the resort casino hotels are a safe bet for a night’s stay when you’ve got to get away.  A quick search shows triple sheeting, plasma TVs, room service, and contemporary fixtures are common across the country.  And many hotels are going smoke-free.

B-list (or better) Entertainers

We’re talking about good enough, here, and Rick Springfield, Melissa Etheridge, the Temptations, Rob Thomas, and Colbie Callait are good enough for us!  Plus, a smaller stage makes for an up-close-and-personal performance, and a less popular venue means cheaper tickets.  It just keeps getting better.

Good Food

We’ve eaten in enough greasy spoon diners and roadside truck stops to know that good food is good food, no matter what kind of plate it comes on.  Luckily, local casinos nearly always do their best to draw in visitors with sprawling buffets and try to live up to the reputation created for them by big, luxury hotels in Las Vegas.  The last ten years or so has seen an explosion in hobby foodies, and casino restaurants are a surprising breeding ground for budding chefs who are eager to please those blossoming, gourmet palates.  Look for your casino’s steakhouse to be the culinary equivalent to Vera by Vera Wang for Kohls: pretty good, actually.

Snazzy Amenities

Most nicer resort casinos are flush with more than just cash.  They’ve got spas and salons, poolside service, cabana rentals, on-site recreation, and shopping – no matter where they’re located.  You can even use event space or take advantage of other area attractions that are starting to spring up next to the casinos: outlet shopping, horseback riding, golf, or wine tasting.  At night, the upscale local casinos also have reasonably hip lounges and clubs, often with live entertainment and good prices.

Rock Bottom Prices

Of course none of this means anything unless the price is right.  Many places are affordable all week long, but you’ll find special deals Monday through Thursday and even more discounts if you’re willing to fork over your email address. Locations in or just outside metro areas will save you travel money, too.

Convinced yet?

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