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New Year Noodling

Some thoughts on optimism in the New Year from Ruffle’s friend, Scott.

Post Traumatic Holiday Syndrome can be a real factor in your New Year.  Were those gifts well received?  Did we forget something?  Why have we not heard from our loved ones on those “perfect” presents that were mailed in the knick-of-time to destinies afar?  

After a huge, unnoticed rush to accomplish the materialistic goals surrounding Christmas and family, we are faced with the aftershock of “dormancy”.

People at work, at church, and at home with family have that glazed, “walking zombie” look about them.  What do we do about those heavy plastic cards that were so easy to swipe but have now come back to haunt our thoughts?  Well, folks, this is all part of PTHS, and it can be a form of Holiday depression, or it can be a new challenge forcing us to regroup and get on with the joys of the New Year.

The Holidays gave us the opportunity to set aside the hum-drum of daily life taking on a joie de vivre of family and friends.  So who is to say that this has to end?  Perhaps part of our ‘rehab’ is to consider the New Year as a long range planning tool for December 2011. Too far ahead, one says?  Well then perhaps we should set our sights on manageable goals.  Valentines Day is right around the corner.  If Cupid is your crutch to snap out of PTHS, then get in the candy and card zone.

Stop dwelling on the past, focus on the present and the future.  We all need that one-year, five-year, ten-year plan, but we can diverge a bit, picking up a crutch or two along the way to help keep us sane and functional.

Reach out and touch ~ people crave that optimism now!

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