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On a Pedestal

There’s something about food in a pile that we love.  Whether it’s a pyramid of grapes, a mound of rustic cheeses, or a cornucopia of fresh vegetables tumbling out of a horn of plenty, heaped up delicacies are just plain decadent.  Bountiful.  Indulgent.  Celebratory.  And although there certainly is a case for food piles at certain theme parties, the modern way to evoke that same air of festive abundance is to visually create an organized “pile” of your own.  Cue pretty cake stands.

As always, you want to add as much as possible to the atmosphere and decoration of your parties by making other party elements work double and triple duty.  Costumes double as decoration and so can your refreshments, as long as you’re thoughtfully building them into a picture for your guests to enjoy.  Above all, varying height gives visual interest, so the food can be enjoyed from afar as well as up close.  Here are our picks for pretty pedestals, all of which we hunted down on amazon.  We’ll start with the basic and move toward the extravagant.

Look for variety. Small and large plates are special and impressive, respectively.  Height gives you that perfect picture, and domes create a classic bakery look that give you a “big reveal” moment. Details like unusual color, beading, scallops, and etching can build you an enviable cake stand collection, so keep an eye out.  From left to right and top to bottom: $20.00; $25.00; $30.00; $30.00; $40.00; $45.00; $50.00; $60.00; $65.00.

For you dedicated shoppers, here are a few more that will really wow your crowds.

Vintage finds look classic on a kitchen counter after the party’s over.  An adjustable stand makes for a go-to display piece.  Art deco palm leaf pattern feels like a special occasion, and the aged metal detailing makes the piece de resistance look like it belongs in a cafe in Paris.  From left to right and top to bottom: $70.00 (vintage); $75.00; $155.00; $200.00.

For good looks and high functionality, tiered serving plates can’t be beat.  These beauty queens were also discovered on amazon and range from economical to outlandish.  Enjoy!

Tiered servers aren’t just for desserts.  Use a marble server for meat and cheese, a silver one for brunch goodies like scones and cream, or a hand-painted piece for fresh fruit.  From left to right and top to bottom: $20.00; $30.00; $55.00; $90.00; $115.00; $345.00.

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  1. i never thought of collecting pedestals, but it’s a great idea for everyday and party pizazz–i like things that are versatile and can be used for many kinds of occasions–thanks for the tips!

  2. The joke has been that cake stands never get used – oh contraire!

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