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Tip Theft: Emmys Edition

There’s nothing wrong with stealing ideas from celebrity party planners – we do it all the time!  The key is to look for rules and patterns that govern big bash style and scale them down for your own, fabulous purposes.  Let’s take a look at the Governor’s Ball that followed last night’s Emmys telecast and see what nuggets we can make off with in our idea goody bag.

High party style is often about creating custom pieces and signature items that carry out your overall theme.  The theme of the Governor’s Ball was “Starry, Starry Night,” and, although we deduct points for lackluster lexicon (wording is so important!), we like how designers carried the theme through to many areas.

Table Settings

Varying your settings slightly adds visual interest and gives guests a reason to mix and mingle.  Note the stars versus moons and the presence or absence of flowers at the center of the two tables.  Vodka (top, right) is a good choice for a party with a celestial theme, because its clear, tasteless base is nice and floaty.  Red wine, though, is a misstep.  Earthy and heavy, it would work better with a rich, dark, more grounded theme.

Atmosphere and Decor

A giant disco ball sun is the perfect center for this starry night party to revolve around.  The moving dots of light emulate the spinning of the solar system and turning of the night sky, while the hundreds of hanging mini mirror balls add sparkle and twinkle.  Blue and black light create an effective, ethereal glow, and chrome accents on the stairs and railings keep the gleam moving.  Adding a zodiac element ties the heavenly theme to Earth again, though, tethering it down with the burden of interpretation.  While we prefer to let mystery be mystery at a party, we’re sure the horoscope tie-in provided the beginning of many conversations, so we’ll let it slide.

Food and Drink

Don’t forget, friends, your theme should extend all the way to the far reaches of your party universe.  Delicious food and delectable drink are key party elements, but learn from the missteps of the Starry, Starry Night crew this time: lamb, chocolate, and peach are about as home and hearthy as you can get.  Nothing soars about these heavy choices.  We would favor a light, sculptural main dish, such as angel hair, a dessert like divinity, and a signature drink in a shade of blue or a champagne cocktail with a bit of sparkle.  As it is, the peach color in the drink does bring out the warmth of the sun’s rays and the golden glow of the Emmy statuette, and creating a signature drink for your event (this one’s called an Emmy – so every guest gets to carry one) is always a plus.

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