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Train Of Thought

These days, plenty of people are nagging you to go green, right?  We’re all bombarded with articles covering the “why” and perfunctory “how” of reducing our carbon footprint, but there’s not a lot out there that explains what’s in it for us.  Never fear, it’s Ruffle to the rescue with a nice, romantic point of view for you.  We’ve got an action step that is environmentally conscious and potentially cost effective, yes, but one that could also add magic, art, and all kinds of stimulation to your life.

So, what’s the big idea?  It’s trains.

Think about it.  All the good places have them – Paris, Hogwarts, Disneyland – there’s a reason for that.  Trains, far beyond being a way to get from here to there, have and will always signal adventure, romance, and possibility.  It’s the adventure of riding past places you normally wouldn’t, the romance of looking at your travel partner’s eyes instead of their profile, and the possibility of stopping somewhere you never planned and doing something you’d never do.  Whenever you take a ride on the train, even if it’s just the subway down to a baseball game, you’re participating in that railway magic. Not a bad way to save on parking and carbon emissions.

In addition to the warm fuzzies, traveling by train exposes you to people that might not be your everyday compatriots.  It’s a social riding experience that encourages you to observe whomever is around you.  Sure, your journey might be peppered with a few crazies, but remember that we’re all a little crazy sometimes, and expanding your social horizon can also be an opportunity to spread kindness.

Walking to and from your station also gives you the chance to patronize local shops (shopping local businesses is likely to cut down on the energy and pollution it takes mega stores to ship their goods from them to you), breathe in some fresh air, and squeeze in a little exercise.  That’s all good stuff!

Finally, taking the train is a real-life way to get all Miley Cyrus and enjoy the ride of life, not just the destination.  It’s the climb, people – the public art at station stops, the particular squeaks and dings and announcements, the feel of the tracks under your swaying car, the life and breath of the city.  Or the countryside.  Take everything the train has to offer and enjoy it.

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